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February 2018 

Your TELUS Health team looks forward to continuing to help you and your practice provide outstanding care to your patients. One of the many ways we can help is by making it easier to connect with your peers and your office. PS Suite’s new EMR Mobile app and MedDialog will help you stay in touch in the clinic, at the hospital, and on the go.

 What’s new at TELUS Health?

Your EMR messaging has gone mobile.

For those who are thinking of transitioning to PS Suite, the TELUS EMR Mobile app now lets you quickly exchange messages among clinic physicians and staff – anytime, anywhere.  Learn more or start using the free app today.

Making stronger connections

Once Nightingale users convert to PS Suite, they quickly become fans of MedDialog, our digital and eFax communication service that allows you to connect with other clinics, right from your EMR. MedDialog lets you easily communicate with your colleagues, whether they are down the hall or across the province. MedDialog lets you ask for and provide eConsults, refer patients without time-consuming faxes, and securely share other patient information – right from your EMR. Learn more.

What our customers have to say about PS Suite EMR:

‘I hate to admit it but I didn’t think my EMR would be as useful and as easy to use. I had used another EMR platform that wasn’t set up specifically for me. I have PS Suite set up specifically for me and my receptionist can turn anything into a custom form. I am seeing more patients in less time now than I was before the EMR. 

This has also translated into more income; I would never have expected that!  I work part-time in my office so that allowed me the time to do all the training with my receptionist but it was worth it for the results. I couldn’t be happier with my EMR and my office staff (of one) feels the same way as well!’

Dr. Trish Van Boekel, Stratford ON, who has recently switched to PS Suite

How to save with TELUS

TELUS Health EMR customers get great mobility discounts for all clinic staff and their families.

Learn more about our exciting new offers.  Right now you can get $400 off a new smartphone when you activate a phone on a 2 year Your Choice plan. 

Information for Nightingale EMR users

A reminder that can view demo webinars and other relevant information by visiting the dedicated Nightingale TELUS Health website.

To learn more

Questions? Email us at Or call us at 1 877 367 4YOU